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Akin, D. L., and K. Davis, "Hard Suits/Soft Suits: Revisiting Technologies and Applications for a New Space Era", 45th International Conference on Environmental Systems, 07/2015.
Jacobs, S. E., D. L. Akin, J. R. Braden, and D. Graziosi, "Morphing Upper Torso: A Novel Concept in EVA Suit Design", SAE Technical Paper Series: SAE International, 07/2006.
Akin, D. L., S. E. Jacobs, and J. R. Braden, MORPHING UPPER TORSO NRA FINAL REPORT SUBMITTED TO ILC DOVER, College Park, University of Maryland, 09/2006.
Akin, D. L., J. R. Braden, and S. E. Jacobs, MORPHING UPPER TORSO (MUT) PHASE I REPORT: Space Systems Lab, University of Maryland, 06/2005.