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Annual Open House

This April 27, 2024, the Neutral Buoyancy Research Facility (NBRF) and Advanced Robotics Development Lab (ARDL) will be giving tours/demonstrations throughout the day (10am-4pm) as part of the University of Maryland's annual Maryland Day. This event is free and open to the public every year on the last day in April. Expect to see divers and robots in our neutral buoyancy tank, drive robots around in the ARDL, and get the chance to experience hands-on the research that we do!


VERTEX/BioBot System Development

Researchers at the SSL have been finalizing the development of the VERTEX rover and the BioBot system as a whole. To read more about the VERTEX/BioBot system and the BiobBot concept itself, see here. Below are update videos provided by our own Charlie Hanner on his YouTube channel and the SSL's YouTube channel:

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