Design of a High Density Cold Gas Attitude Control System

TitleDesign of a High Density Cold Gas Attitude Control System
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1993
AuthorsHall, S. E., M. J. Lewis, and D. L. Akin
Conference NameAIAA/SAE/ASME/ASEE 29th Joint Propulsion Conference
Conference LocationMonterey, California
Keywordscold, control, gas, nitrous, oxide, reaction, system, thruster

A comparison of the experimental results of a nitrous oxide cold gas thruster with the predicted performance from a numerical simulation of nozzle operations is discussed. Tests were conducted in a vacuum chamber to verify analytical predictions of both nitrogen and nitrous oxide. Preliminary results indicate an Isp for N20 of 61, and an Isp of 69 for N2. Based on the results of this research, parameters are presented for a nitrous oxide based reaction control system for a small spacecraft currently under development.

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