Rover Vision Localization System

TitleRover Vision Localization System
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsStolen, M. F., and G. Monge
InstitutionSpace Systems Lab, University of Maryland
CityCollege Park

This report describes a final class project on the localization system for an autonomous rover. The project is aiming to allow a rover to accurately position itself with respect to some static feature, using a vision system on a 2 DOF stand. The scenario envisioned, the platform and its components will first be described. Then the vision system localization is detailed. The possible solutions investigated for a camera object tracking system is also described, as well as the software developed to enable visual localization. Finally the extensive testing performed is described, the results presented and the results discussed. This project was performed in cooperation with Gregorio Monge, which developed and assessed the implemented pointing system for the rover camera.

Alternate TitleFinal Class Project, ENAE788E – Embedded Real-time Systems
Citation Key103
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