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Address:University of Maryland
Department of Aerospace Engineering
Space Systems Lab, Bldg. 382
College Park, Maryland 20742


Robot Dynamics and Control
Motion-based Simulation
Haptic Interfaces
Man-Machine Systems


August 1987Sc.D. Control and DynamicsMassachusetts Institute of Technology
June 1982S.M. Aeronautics and AstronauticsMassachusetts Institute of Technology
February 1981S.B. Aeronautics and AstronauticsMassachusetts Institute of Technology
Sept 1976-78B.S. Chemical Engineering (candidate)University of New Hampshire


08/91 - Research Associate, Space Systems Laboratory, University of Maryland, College Park
Lead robotics engineer on project to build a submersible telerobot vehicle. Work involves designing and testing an impedance controller for the dexterous manipulators. Responsibilities include writing real-time control software, building graphical simulations, and managing neutral buoyancy testing of the robotic tasks.

03/92 - 10/92 Attitude Control Engineer, Ithaco Technical Services, Lanham, Maryland
Consultant on the NASA Submillimeter Wave Astronomy Satellite (SWAS) to design a pointing control system for a three-axis stabilized satellite. Used Matlab to design a feedback regulator for generating reaction wheel commands from gyroscope data.

11/87 - 11/91 Robotics Engineer, Hughes/STX Corporation, Lanham, Maryland
Task leader on a NASA project to develop and test control systems for a robot testbed. Conducted experiments on an adaptive force-reflecting hand controller and wrote algorithms for implementing a force controller on a seven-joint manipulator arm. Member of the critical design review team for the Space Shuttle Demonstration Test Flight (DTF) Mission.

01/83 - 09/87 Research Assistant, M.I.T. Space Systems Lab, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Dissertation was on the design of inertial control systems for robot servicing in microgravity environments. Research included tracking control, distributed optimization, and dual-arm control/dynamics. Designed and constructed an air-bearing robot for testing control algorithms.

06/83 - 09/83 Control Systems Engineer, Ford Aerospace Corp., Palo Alto, California
Designed a failure detection system for two spacecraft gyro configurations based on generalized likelihood testing and then compared performances using analysis and simulation.

06/82 - 12/82 Systems Engineer, C.S. Draper Laboratory, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Investigated the reliability of a terrain following system for a tactical fighter with several interdependent collision avoidance systems and analyzed the risk of failure using Markov modeling methods.

02/81 - 06/82 Research Assistant, M.I.T. Space Systems Lab, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Master's thesis was on the design of failure detection filters for diagnosing component failures in large scale systems. Additional research included determining optimal actuator and sensor placement in distributed parameter systems. Courses taken include guidance, navigation, dynamics, optimal control, digital control, and robotics.

06/80 - 09/80 Control Systems Engineer, Hughes Aircraft Co., El Segundo, California
Assisted in the design of a gyrocompass controller and state estimator for the Venus Orbiting Imaging Radar (VOIR) satellite. Compared the gyrocompass/observer performance with a classical feedback control system using simulation.


Haptic Controls and Applications
University of Maryland
Fall, 1998 Instructor (grad). Basic technologies required for applying haptic (robotic) interfaces in telerobotics, simulators, and computer displays. Major topics included kinematic design, sensory-motor control, force-feedback, human-centered design, and distributed processing.
Introduction to Space Robotics
University of Maryland
Fall, 1997
Spring, 1995
Spring, 1992
Co-Instructor (grad/senior). Introductory course covering kinematics, dynamics, and control of robotic manipulators. Numerous classical and in-house examples of robotic systems were used to illustrate these principles. Computer tools such as Mathematica were used to analyze more complex systems.
Control of Robot Manipulators
University of Maryland
Fall, 1994 Instructor (grad). Examined PID, computed torque, stiffness, and force control for robotic manipulators. Time delay, sampling, friction, and torque saturation were modeled and their impact evaluated using dynamic simulations performed with Matlab. Variable-structure and adaptive controllers were also considered.
Applied Digital Control
University of Maryland
Fall, 1992 Co-Instructor (grad). Digital control applied to sampled-data systems. Covered discrete equivalents of continuous transfer functions, compensator design in the z-domain, and stability analysis using Bode and Nyquist plots generated using Matlab. Used Matlab as computational analysis tool.
University of Maryland
Fall, 1991 Co-Instructor (grad). Fundamentals of orbital mechanics beginning with the two-body problem and Kepler's Equation. Proceeded to develop the transfer-time equation and transfer orbits using two-impulse and continuous thrust. Examined restricted three-body problem, Lagrange points, and sphere of influence.


Extensive programming in C and some in Fortran. Familiar with Mac/OS, IBM/DOS, VAX/VME and SGI UNIX platforms. Real-time experience with VxWorks on V3500.





Journal Articles

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Conference/Workshop Proceedings

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Non-Technical Conference Papers

Whittemore WL, Nokuri H, Carignan C: Advisor Volunteers: Providing mentors for First-Year Exploratory Students and Gaining Campus Support for their Advising Unit, 20th National Conference on Academic Advising (NACADA), Washington, DC, October 1996

Whittemore WL, Carignan C, Nokuri H, : Advisor Volunteers: Building Campus Connections, 11th Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference on Academic Advising (NACADA), Lancaster, PA, April 1995

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