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SSL Personnel

The real product of the SSL is our personnel. We currently have three faculty members, two full-time research and technical staff members, between fifteen and twenty graduate students, and between ten and twenty undergraduate students. Most students come from the aerospace engineering department, but we also have electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, mathematicians, and computer scientists. We've even had an art student and an archeologist.

The SSL has graduated two astronauts:

Janice Voss enters the Spacehab-01 module onboard the Space Shuttle Endeavour during STS-57


SSL students experience weightlessness on on NASA’s KC-135 zero-g simulator airplane

Dr. Janice Voss, a mission specialist
Dr. Paul Ronney, a backup payload specialist.

The SSL has also produced four professors:
Dr. Rob Sanner - University of Maryland
Dr. Mark Lewis - University of Maryland
Dr. Ella Atkins - University of Michigan
Dr. Paul Ronney - USC

SSL Faculty:
Dr. Dave Akin
Dr. Mary Bowden
Dr. Rob Sanner

Research and Technical Staff:
Dr. Craig Carignan

Graduate Students:
  · Nick Limparis
  · Kate McBryan
  · Nick D'Amore
  · Amanda Salmoiraghi
  · Kevin Davis
  · Chris Carlsen
  · Justin Brannan

Undergraduate Students:
  · Josh Pugh
  · Douglas Klein
  · Phil Kirk
  · Sarin Kunnath
  · Sahin Kunnath
  · Donald Gregorich
  · Justin Kanga



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