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The SSL is a member of NASA's Small Satellite Technology Initiative (SSTI), New Millennium Program, and International Space Station Technology Testbed Program.

  University laboratories/departments
Georgetown University
Air Force Phillips Laboratory
UMD Glenn L. Martin Wind Tunnel
UMD Human-Computer Interaction Lab
Stanford Aerospace Robotics Laboratory
Carnegie Mellon Field Robotics Center
MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab
MIT Dept. of Electrical Engineering
MIT Dept. of Mechanical Engineering
MIT Lincoln Laboratory

  NASA groups
NASA Telerobotics Program
NASA Goddard Hubble Space Telescope Flight Systems & Servicing Project
NASA Johnson Reduced Gravity Research Program
  NASA-Ames Research Center Intelligent Mechanisms
NASA Robotics Education Project

  NASA Centers
Johnson Space Center
Goddard Space Flight Center
Marshall Space Flight Center
Ames Research Center
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
NASA Langley

Payload Systems Inc. (Space Shuttle payload integration)
Technology 80, Inc. (motion control hardware and software)
  Veridian Engineering (Ranger support)
ILC Dover (Pressure suit design)


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